How To Choose A Crystal

How To Choose A Crystal

When I talk to people about crystals one of the most common things I hear is "but I just don't know where to start!" And it can be over-whelming - there are literally thousands of types of minerals, crystals and stones! How does one choose a crystal? But finding the right crystal for you to work with at any given time is simpler than you think. The methods I'm going to explain here can be used when purchasing a new crystal from a store, or when you're selecting one to work with from your own collection.

Sensing their energy

One of the most commonly used methods to choose a crystal is by sensing which crystal you need.

Start by quietening the mind and taking a few deep breathes. This will help you feel centred and let you align yourself with the intention for the task at hand - to find the crystal you need most at this time. Hover your hands over the selection of crystals in front of you. You may feel some spots are hot or cold, you might get a tingly sensation in your palms or you might notice an emotion or feeling come over you (such as a sense of peace and calm). Listen to your intuition and take note of these signs. These are physical reactions you are having to the crystals and a sign that you have found the one needed for healing right now.

Use your problems and goals as the way forward

If you can identify a particular problem or challenge that you’re currently facing then this can help narrow down a selection of crystals for you to choose from. For example, if you're after emotional support or wanting to attract love, there's a handful of specific crystals for this topic that could help, such as Rose Quartz. Let's say you visit your local crystal shop wanting to find something to help you manifest more wealth and abundance. Any good rock shop owner will gladly help you out! In this case they might suggest starting with Citrine, Pyrite or Green Aventurine. If you know what you want the crystal to help you with, it makes finding the right one much quicker!

You're just simply attracted to it

Sometimes a certain crystal will just jump out at you! You could be walking around the store skimming your eyes over all the shining gems but you keep getting drawn back to a certain stone. I really believe that you don't choose the crystal, the crystal chooses you. I've experienced this many times when I have found myself strongly and inexplicably drawn to a particular crystal, colour or even formation. Sometimes I don't even know what the stone is called or what it's properties are but if I keep getting drawn to it then it's a sign to pay attention! In this case I would usually purchase it, take it home, look up it's attributes and spend time getting to know it.

If you find yourself drawn to a crystal purely for it's physical beauty and looks that's also okay! Purchase that stone and place it in the centre of your dining table or somewhere central in your home. You'll feel brighter every time you pass it and it will subtly raise the vibrational frequency of you and your space. You might find that you will use this crystal for healing or rituals at a later time in your life, who knows!

Choosing a crystal for somebody else

This can be tricky! I like to spend some time thinking of where that person is in their life and what's going on for them at that time - are they struggling in their career? Starting a new fitness regime? Having problems sleeping or with vivid dreams? Perhaps you can tap into your intuition to feel out what they need. Or maybe you'd like to give them a stone that reflects the connection you two have. Identify how you're going to select their crystal and then research what crystals would be suitable, or ask your local crystal shop owner for advice.

Another idea when gifting a crystal is to think outside the box - does your friend like candles? Maybe a quartz candle holder is the answer! Have they just gone through a break up or lost a loved one. Why not choose a stone in a heart shape, to let them know they're held and to facilitate heart healing. Or maybe your friend just really likes owls! Grab a crystal owl caring in their favourite colour! I like to place gifted stones into a little pouch with a little information card so they understand what their stone is best used for and how to work with it.

After bringing home a new crystal, or prior to working with one from your collection, don't forget to cleanse them with one of these methods. If you're really stuck on choosing a crystal, take a look at these six must-have crystals to get you started.

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